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These are just a few of many recent testimonials we have received from Employers.

"Just wanted to thank you for letting us advertise our job on We received over 30 applications and we have interviews scheduled for the middle of October.... Thank You," Joseph, County Extension Director, Colorado State University, Cooperative Extension

"...I wish to cancel my ad for Landscape Manager. I filled the position, thanks to Hortjobs!..." Francis. Bay Colony Community Association

"The position I have posted has been on Hortjobs less than 24 hours and I already have a 2 candidates I am speaking with" Bill. Waverly Landscape Associates

"As ever the response was fantastic !! Thanks so much for this. In fact the applicants come rolling in every day. Your pages are the "bible" of job searching in Horticulture and I refer everyone I know into your site." C.L.

"Just wanted to let you know that our job posting under Botanical Gardens for an Assistant Landscape Director was successfully filled with a highly qualified application." Baywood Greens

"Thank you again for a good result from our ad. We have hired a new production manager from New York. We had lots of good responses to both ads. Just wanted to give you some feed back from this end." Nortex Greenhouses

"Thank you, we have found someone to fill the position", All-Seasons Gardening

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